Rock Bottom - Slam Rush

Rock Bottom – Slam Rush

Slam Rush – Rock Bottom

Having a raw slam session with plenty of hung and horny guys is just what the doctor ordered for eighteen year old Josh! If this absolutely adorable boy doesn’t do anything for you then probably nothing will, just wait til you see him naked and boned up 😳

Rock Bottom - Slam RushThis is the latest super hot video from Slam Rush, one of the newest niche porn studios making borderline fetish content for all you horny fuckers out there. Stupidly sexy twink Josh is ready and waiting to be used by all the college boys you can find. Just a shame his tight little teen hole can’t be used by everyone that wants it.

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In exchange for a roof over his head and a few other necessities eighteen year old Josh gets to take advantage of all that is on offer with a steamy bareback orgy. Slam, cock, and more than enough cum for any teen boy to enjoy. After all, when you’ve already hit rock bottom what’s to stop you going that little bit further and making every moment count?

Rock Bottom - Slam Rush

He’ll probably be worn out before too long, with all the sex pigs cumming in and out day-to-day. But he’s a true star cumdump and takes every cock and load with ease – even though his hole is tight as a vice and sucks every drop out of each boy’s cock in turn.